“Oh God, she’s written a blog”

A food blog is usually a place for incredible cooks to share fantastic recipes on something they made on the spot for last night’s dinner, with ingredients they “had left in the fridge”. Once these recipes are liked and shared their blog becomes popular, they are invited to dine in some of the country’s best restaurants for free and they begin to live a life where it becomes socially acceptable to take photos of every meal on your Canon SLR and share your eating experience with the hashtag #foodie.

This therefore, is probably not your quintessential food blog.

Despite my love for all things food, my inner chef is only amateur. I love to bake and be creative but my interest in food isn’t just to do with what I can make in the kitchen. I have an immense interest in food as a business, where food has come from, how consumers react to food and why food has become fashionable. I have chosen to write a blog as a place for me to try and formulate my thoughts in the hope that others find them interesting too. Never mind if you don’t. #foodie.

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